Practices Industry sectors

Corporate law

Establishment of companies, joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions, privatisations, restructuring, corporate resolutions, internal acts, registration procedures ….

Market competition law

Unfair competition, concentrations, cartels, dominant position abuse, preliminary analyses and opinions and proceedings before courts and Croatian Competition Agency 

Banking and Financial Institutions

Investment Funds, Leasing, Factoring

Domestic and foreign trade

Hotel and tourism industry




Building and construction

Energy and renewable energy sources

Utilities infrastructure and public services


Food industry

Pharmaceutical industry  

Real estate law

Real estate transactions, lease, project development and financing, zoning and construction

Labour law

Employment contracts, collective bargaining agreements, labour bylaws and other internal acts, employment termination , labour disputes

Commercial law

Contractual relations (trade in goods and services, distribution, insurance), recovery of damages 

Administrative law

Administrative proceedings and disputes, permits, legal compliance

Banking and finance law

Loans and other bank products, securing of claims, licencing and other regulatory procedures

Insolvency and pre-insolvency compositions

Representation in insolvency and pre-insolvency proceedings  

Capital market law

Trade in securities, derivatives or other financial instruments, initial public offers, prospects, investment funds, public takeovers, licencing and other regulatory procedures  

Intellectual property and information technology

Trademarks, copyrights, IT transactions, personal data protection

Energy law

Development and financing of energy projects, contractual relations (energy production, distribution and supply), licencing and other regulatory procedures

Settlement of disputes

Mediation, settlements, litigation and arbitration